Maharashtra Essence & Gas Suppliers has a presence in over 24 states all over India and has become a major name in the Flavour world.

Established in the year 1969 by Mr. Mohammed Hussain, with his hard work and sincere dedication grew the business by many folds and became a big success. His Sons joined the business and took it to new heights by exploring new avenues and expanding into new markets both nationally and internationally.

Maharashtra Essence has a loyal customer base and a very strong and supportive supplier network from various different industries such as
Soda Water Industries,
Juices and Squashes Manufacturers,
Pharmaceutical Companies,
Ice Cream and Cake Manufacturers,
Confectionery Manufactures,
Sweet (Mithai) Manufacturers,
Fountain Soda shops,
Sauce Manufacturers,
And all other industries where Essences, Essential Oils, Food Colours and Flavours are used.

With over 40 years of experience in this field we have a unique combination of decades of best industry knowledge with young and dynamic business approach; we have new lines of flavours and other products being added to our already extensive product range at regular intervals.
Quality Assurance
We have tie ups with all the major brands in the Essence, Food Colours and Flavours world, all of whom are approved and certified manufacturers and their products are exported to many parts of the world.
Prompt Delivery Service
We have a very good reputation of processing orders as soon as we receive them from any part of India or the World. We can do this effectively because of the very spacious warehouse and an extensive inventory management system which enables us to maintain our stock levels for all our products throughout the year.

We track the goods from the time they leave us till the time they reach our final customers and therefore our goods always reach our customers on time in correct and pristine order.
Business Practice
We have a very strict and ethical business policy against duplication and other malpractices which are common in the food and beverage industry. We only procure from Government approved manufacturers and can assure our customers of 100% genuine and top most quality products.
Extensive Range of Machines
We also deal in wide varieties of machines related to the food and beverage industries our machines are of highest quality and go through various checks before reaching our customers, our mission is to give prompt deliveries and excellent after sales service at very competitive prices, you can check our machinery section for more detailed information.