Maharashtra Essence & Gas Suppliers is proud to present our website. We have overhauled our online persona to make it easier for both our customers and vendors to interact with us.
About Maharashtra Essence & Gas Suppliers!
We are a major supplier to some of the biggest brands in the Essence, Food Colours and Flavours industry.

Our clients include companies from the Soda Water Industries, Juices and Squashes Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Ice Cream and Cake Manufacturers, Confectionery Manufactures, Sweet (Mithai) Manufacturers, Bakeries, Fountain Soda shops, Sauce Manufacturers, and other industries where Essences, Essential Oils, Food Colours and Flavours are used.
Introducing Top Quality Bakery Ingredients Cake Premixes, Glazes, Bread Improvers, Bread Mix Concentrates, Sugar Free Mixes, Cake Gel, Fruit Flavoured Fillings, Donut Mixes,Muffin Mixes, Fried Chicken Marinade and Breading.
Cake Premixes Include: Black Forest/White Forest/Rainbow Forest/Red Velvet/Plum Cake/Browny Mix/Chocolate Muffin/Vanilla Muffin/Choco Lava Cake Mix/Tea Time.
We are proud to be associated with MATRIX FLAVOURS OF MALAYSIA,  and add another excellent brand with extraordinary product quality and range in our collection.
Our popular flavours include Black Currant, Blueberry, Mawa, Green Apple, Mango Alphanso, Saffron, Shahi Gulab, Tender Coconut, Watermelon, Apple, Mixed Berries,Desi Ghee Flavour and many more.
Our food colors include basic food colors like Sunset Yellow, Tartrazine, Carmoisine Supra, Kesari, Pea Green, Apple Green, Rose Pink, Lemon Yellow, Ponceau 4R, Brilliant Blue,Violet, Tomato Red and Chocolate Brown; blended food colors like Raspberry Red and Apple Green; innovative lake colors like Lake Tartrazine and Lake Carmoisine; as well as Natural Caramel varieties.
We also have over 120 flavours of fountain soda, including Jeera Masala, Fruit Beer (Non Alcoholic), Kiwi Special, Blue Lagoon, Cold Coffee, Cranberry,Wildberry,Mango Passion, Cherry, Bubble Gum Flavour, Green Aqua, Mojito Flavour,Kokum Masala, Tender Coconut,Nimbu Masala,Musk Melon, Dew and many more.
Established in 1969, we have a presence in over 24 states all over India.