This includes the following features:
  • Manual Impulse sealers are operated by physically placing a bag in the jaws of the sealer and pushing them closed, and then removing the sealed bag. These are generally the size of a stapler and sit on a table or desktop for use
  • These machines are specially designed for Pepsi sealing, juice packing, and all kinds of plastic bags used for mobile laminations, grocery stores etc
  • They are fitted with high grade components therefore can be used at end for 8-10 hours without any breakdowns
  • Makes excellent air & water tight seals to all heat sealable materials
  • Adjustable electronic timer for audio and visual sealing indication
  • Round elements are available for simultaneous sealing and cutting
  • Sealing Lengths available (in inches) 8, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 and 60 above 60 inches can be made as per your requirement

This includes the following features:
  • Adjustable sealing time
  • Safety cut-off system
  • Adjustable working platform
  • Power takeoff conveyor (Models available without conveyor system)
  • Different variants for different sizes and materials available as per your requirement

This includes the following features:
  • Our Batch Coders are Self-Inking, Contact Printers, designed to code variable information like Batch Number, MFG date, M.R.P, Best before etc
  • The models are economically priced
  • The prints can be done on various surfaces with different shapes
  • It will give permanent prints

This includes the following features:
  • Consists of Micron, UV, Activated Carbon and Sand filter
  • Helps clearing algae, small organisms, suspended dirt and any other particles in water
  • Eliminates any colour, taste, odour and other organic matter
  • Ideal for Soft drink factories, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Hotels etc

This includes the following features:
  • As the name suggest the foremost feature of this plant is to convert hard water (from all underground sources) to soft water
  • Helps reduce taste and odour from the water
  • Superior flow rates

This includes the following features:
  • R O Water filter Plant provides pure and safe drinking water by removing physical, Microbiological as well as the chemical impurities of water
  • Fully automatic plant with auto start and auto off & inbuilt tank
  • The unique system design makes the unit easy to install
  • Pressure gauge provides consistent and accurate pressure reading

This includes the following features:
  • This bag syrup filter is a pressurised liquid filtration, designed for optimum filtration performance
  • This filter is used for highly viscous liquid like sugar syrup
  • Economical and highly effective
  • Separate bags can be used for individual concentrates
  • Bags are re-usable and can be washed
  • All contact parts in S.S material
  • Comes with a trolley and pump

This includes the following features:
  • Ice Gola machines are available in Manual and Motorised versions
  • Suitable for many places like Shopping Malls, Parks, Restaurants, Cafes, Ice cream parlours, Flavoured Soda Parlours etc
  • Economically priced compact sized
  • The Ice Cutter makes uniform pieces of block ice to be used in Juices, Milk Shakes, Lassi and other Food and Beverage applications
  • These machines are of heavy duty quality and amongst the most selling in India

This includes the following features:
  • This machine is useful for applying caps on Pet bottle used in Soft Drinks, Juices etc
  • The caps have to be put on the bottle manually and then put on the continuous rotating capper to get a tamper proof seal
  • This capper has been engineered with high standard of quality so that it can be used continuously for hours with high precision

This includes the following features:
  • Unfiltered CO2 is unsafe for consumption and can also cause food poisoning
  • This filter is ideal for CO2 used by Soda Factories and other soft drink manufacturers
  • The filter is designed to filter out contaminated CO2 mixed with dirt, oil mist and obnoxious odour coming in contact with water which could affect the quality of aerated drinks

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