Aligned Products

We have a lot of products and small scale machineries which complement the food and beverage industries they are as follows:

Jasper Lemon Squeezer

Jasper Ice Cream Cutter (All Sizes)

Ice Cream Scoop

Glass Bottle Openers

Bottle Washing Brushes

National Ice Picks Wooden and Iron

Bio Degradable Straws

Canvas Hand Gloves

Crown Caps for Glass Bottles

Ice Cream Mixes

Falooda Mixes

China Grass


Basil Seeds (Sabja,Tukmaria)

Peanut Butter

Liquid Measuring Glass from 25 ml to 1 litre


Ice Gola Machine Manual

Ice Gola Machine Motorised

Ice Breaking Machine

Plastic Sealing Machine

Foil Sealing Machine

Aluminium Food Grade Foils

Soda Maker Machine For Glass Bottles

Soda Maker Machine For Pet Bottles

Capping Machine for Pet Bottle

Sugar and Lassi Mixing Machine

Pet Bottle Caps for Ketchup

Pet Bottle Caps for Carbonated Beverages

Crown Capping Machine for Glass Bottles

Manual and Semi Auto Soda Machine For Glass Bottle

Manual and Semi Auto Soda Machine For Pet Bottle

Spares and Washers for Manual Soda Machine

Apart from the above list we keep updating the extensive product list as per our customer’s feedback and the change in trends in the market.